Friday, April 11, 2008

Love in Many Forms

Mark talks with Frankie in the mornings. He says things like, "Yes, maybe if you ask her nicely, she WILL brush you. I know it has been a while and I KNOW you like it. Try asking her."

Other times, she'll say, "MEOW" and he'll respond, "MEOW". She'll cry, "MEOW" and he'll retort, "MEOW"

When he's feeling less patient, he'll say, "Frankie, if you keep meowing like that I'm going to have to rip your legs off and barbecue them and feed them to you." ...MEOW...
"Frankie, keep it up and I might have to kill you. Do you know what that means, Frankie?" .
" cease to be alive." (ever the teacher)

This morning he said, "Frankie listens to me more than she listens to you."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because she's my symbiot."

And then, on the topic of reincarnation, I asked, "What was Frankie before she was a cat?"
Mark said, "She was Dr. Muffar. That's why she's always yelling at us telling us what to do. The good doctor thinks she knows what's best."
He continued, "I keep trying to explain that she's not as smart any more because she hasn't got a doctor's brain, she's got a cat's brain."

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