Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Careful what you say

I was at Quinton's Term 2 interview with Mr. Mao and Quinton's dad and stepmom. I remember Mr. Mao's eloquent and gentle way of saying Quinton, like all of us, needs to learn where to use the kind of language you'd use in a hockey dressing room and where it is not appropriate. Mr. Mao had a very gentle way also of saying Quinton needs to be aware that teenage boys get bad reps and it's important to always be aware of the kind of impression he is giving others (adults and peers). Mr. Mao was being very gentle indeed. Mr. Mao long ago learned the type of language to use in a parent-teacher interview.

Then just today, Mr. Mao heard Quinton boasting regarding his expertise with women. He was boasting to a group of grade eight boys. So he forgot which type of language he was supposed to be using (he was in a classroom at school). He used, what Mr. Mao would describe in Quinton's agenda as "profane language". However, this description was not detailed enough for Mrs. Quinton's-stepmom. She requested that Mr. Mao repeat exactly what was said to her over the phone.

Mr. Mao shyly obeyed, saying to Mrs. Quinton's-stepmom, "I get more ass than a toilet seat."
(One has to admire Quinton's use of metaphorical language for emphasis.)

The lesson is, never say anything you wouldn't want your teacher saying to your stepmom.

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Anonymous said...

yeah ... someone really needs to tell "quinton" how sexy that is ... really, toilet seats and everything about them screams hardcore macho man.

maybe "mr mao" is the person for that job!!!

oh how i miss school ... you can't get this kind of stuff on daytime tv ... wait a minute, i should watch more jerry springer.

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