Friday, April 18, 2008

Chilly has gotten even bigger.

Chilly is in town.
He's back from Seattle, where he works for Bill Gates. Julia is joining him to live there. But in order to make immigration thing easier, they're getting married right away instead of later. Well, they're getting married today at city hall AND again in the summer of 2009 with all their near and dear.

So, Mark went downtown to meet Chilly last night for a drink and to see how Seattle life is treating him. Apparently, being lonely has motivated Chilly to spend long hours pumping iron and therefore, become even more muscular than he is now. If you have ever met Chilly, you're probably shaking your head and mouthing the word, "Impossible." The man's biceps were always on the brink of bursting out of whatever shirt he was wearing. They were easily the size of my head!

So I said to Mark, "How big is he?"
"Well, picture Chilly..... and the Incredible Hulk..... I think Chilly's got the Hulk beat."

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