Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookie #9: Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars
Admittedly, this is not a very good picture.
I love baking, but after spending all weekend shovelling and fighting colds and cleaning up toddler sharts, you're lucky to get ANY snapshots, frankly, of the cookie countdown. In fact, I think I deserve a very special cookie-crusted-crown for even taking on an extra few batches and, even better, blogging something.
That being said, I will simply link you up to a recipe.
This is not the one I used. Yet, it claims to be the best.
 I guarantee, if you're any kind of a cook, you have a cookbook in your cupboard right now with a recipe for lemon bars. It could be the Joy of Cooking or one of those spiral-bound leaflets sold by churches with a compilation of all the time-tested recipes of the ladies of the congregation. I took my recipe for my very first cookbook. I still have it. It is my Better Homes and Gardens book. It's spiral bound and it's got tabs to separate the cookies from the cakes from the salads from the poultry recipes. And it's now also got a million folded up pieces of paper with scribbled recipes that I come to again and again. Like Uncle Kevin's Jalapeno Potato Salad and Auntie Liz's Caesar Salad and Hilary's Chickpea Salad and Mom's Amazing Banana Muffins.
Anyway, take whatever lemon bar recipe you have on hand, but just be sure you use real lemons and real lemon zest. I usually don't go that extra mile, but this year I did and it was like eating lemon meringue pie. It was the lemoniest of lemons.
Happy Baking!

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