Friday, April 13, 2012


I did something dumb last night.
And I'm going to blame it on being over tired.
And I blame that on my children.
(My sister-in-law did comment after observing us for two days this past weekend that our lives look EXHAUSTING)

I was brushing my teeth last night, when suddenly I realized I wasn't tasting any mint.
And I glanced up at my reflection in the mirror and noticed that the froth at my mouth didn't have the expected hint of green. The taste started to register as being similar to hand cream and I quickly scanned the bathroom countertop, my mind making a mental inventory of the possible tube-encased pasty creams in our home that I could have inadvertently put on my toothbrush.  Luckily, the only thing other than toothpaste on the counter was hand soap. Not A535. Or Anbesol. Or Anusol.
Just hand soap.

1 comment:

J said...

laughing my face off :)

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