Friday, April 13, 2012

Someday I'm Going to Tell this Story at your Wedding

I have the silliest conversation with Cole most evenings.

It goes like this....

"Mommy, is today a Peekaboo day?" (Peekaboo is the Daycare Cole goes to)

"Well, did you go to Peekaboo today?"


"Then it was a Peekaboo day. But tomorrow you don't go to Peekaboo."

"But is today a Peekaboo day?"

"Today's nearly over, Cole. It's almost time for bed."

"But after my nap..."

"It's not a nap. It's night time."

"But after I wake UP, will it be a Peekaboo day?"

"After you wake up, it will be tomorrow.  And tomorrow is not a Peekaboo day."

"But what about this day?"

"Did you go to Peekaboo today?"


"Then it was a Peekaboo day!"

"But after my nap!"

"It's not a nap, Cole. And it's a different day once you go to sleep at night and wake up..."

This is usually where I give up.  I find it to be a circular conversation. And no matter how I try to explain it, the next night we'll have the same conversation with the same cycle of broken logic.

My co-worker pointed out that Cole must get really frustrated with me.  Wonder if he goes to Preschool and complains about this ridiculous conversation his mother insists on having with him every night.  And why won't she just answer the damn question already!

Someday I'm going to Tell this Story at his Wedding.....

*This is a feature I'd like to write weekly on Fridays. I'm going to try to write a silly story about something my kid has said or done (and there really should be an abundance of them) and share them with you. I'd love for you to Link up and share your silly stories. The kind you'll enjoy sharing at their weddings some day.*

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