Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Quilting - Back in the Saddle

I had big plans for quilting over the Christmas break. I was going to do three quilts. It turns out, I only had time to buy fabric and cut the pieces for one quilt. It's going to be a pinwheel quilt. That means triangles are sewn together with rectangles to form a pinwheel pattern.

I cut all the pieces and arranged them on the floor of my study. Then I carefully laid them in piles and when I finally had some free time, I carefully set out to sew them together. There were 32 pairs of triangles and rectangles in all. And for each set, I had to flip the triangle over before sewing it to the rectangle. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of extra work, but it's one more step and one more thing to think about while I was working.

Then I laid the pairs out on the dining room table in preparation for the next step - cutting off excess fabric and ironing them.

They sat on the dining room table staring at me for three days. On the third day, I picked up a piece - a triangle sewn to a rectangle - the triangle I had been careful to flip over before sewing it to the rectangle - and realized....

....that they were sewn together backwards.

All 32 of them.

Motto: Every mediocre quilter ought to invest in a good stitch-ripper.


katevp-a said...

oh yes, i've been there! Also, with the pinwheel quilt, never ever use denim... the quilting process becomes a lot less fun and tears can flow all because you thought it would fun to sew a denim quilt for your sister. A quilt that I don't even think is used anymore.

The lesson here is that 6 triangles of denim sewn together in the centre is too thick, and needles break. almost every time.

Anonymous said...

see ... this is why i avoid crafting -- less of life's little disappointments :P

Steph Tice said...
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Steph Tice said...
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