Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Peron

This is Baby Peron at 12 weeks.

The technician's first comment "This is a very uncooperative baby. It won't get in the right position for a picture."

My first thought, "It looks like Mark."

I told Mark I saw the ear. He said, "It hasn't got ears yet." I said, "I think it has almost everything already." But I think he wasn't convinced. And now I'm not so sure either. Perhaps I just saw some transluscency of the skull and the brain therin.

I somehow also imagined the heartbeat would appear as a huge glowing beacon, similar to E.T. Instead it was a subtle little beating light. B.P. seemed to be sleeping at first, and I wanted more proof of life, so I was relieved when its little arms began flailing around.

"It's going to be a drummer," I told Mark at dinner.

"Not a soccer player?" he asked.

"Did you see those scrawny legs? Nope. Drummer."


delirious said...

Haha! No, I think B.P is about to go deep for a good nose-pick. I am super-excited for the Perons!

Anonymous said...

teehee ... proof! just wait till you can feel those arms and legs flailing :)

katevp said...

look at that little guy! gal? hmm
so exciting! thanks for sharing your photo!

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