Monday, November 14, 2011

Nana: Out of Commission? I think NOT!

This has been a busy week.  Cole's birthday resulted in a parade of visitors and family through our little home.  We were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa most recently.  But just a few days into their visit, Nana's hip began to bother her. Then it REALLY began to bother her.  Then the pain moved to her back and then she could hardly get out of bed or walk.

This really, really, REALLY frustrated Nana.  She loves to come visit and be like a saviour to us.  She likes to zip around the house at about 200 km/hr tidying incessantly, picking up my kids, sporting my heavy baby in a front carrier, walking to the store and purchasing vast volumes of indulgences and bringing them home.  And she IS incredibly helpful, so it really pained her that this injury was slowing her down.

Yesterday, while Nana was diligently taking her rest on the couch, flat on her back, so she could heal, I heard Cole ask her for the umpteenth time, "Nana, will you play with me?"

"What do you want to play?" she asked him.

"Hide and Go Seek!"

So, first, Nana counted and Cole ran and hid in the dining room, beside the folding door to the living room.  From Nana's spot on the couch, there was no way she could see him.  So she counted to ten and then Cole giggled from behind the door.  Then he raced into the middle of the room and yelled, "HERE I AM!" and they both laughed heartily.

"Your turn to hide, Nana!" Cole yelled. 

Nana was eating some popcorn, so she put the bag in front of her face while Cole counted.  When he yelled, "Ready or not, here I come!" he saw her on the couch hiding behind the popcorn bag and began to giggle.  He ran up to her and pulled down the bag and laughed and laughed and laughed.

So there you have it, not everyone can play hide and seek with a three year old when they're essentially immobilized.  That is just ONE of Nana's many super powers.

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