Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A gift and a gift and a gift and a gift.....

A person very near and dear to my heart, who shall remain nameless (I'll call her Marguerite), sent along her birthday gift for my son, Cole, with my mother who was visiting today.

My mother handed me the big gift bag and inside was a clear plastic-wrapped package with a label affixed to it with birthday wishes written by Marguerite. I unwrapped the plastic wrap and inside was a bundled Little Chef set with a beautiful little apron, chef's hat and a tea towel.  It was beautiful. And then I set it aside and found three more identical bundles of Little Chef aprons, hats and tea towels. Four identical gifts.  Kind of odd.

So I e-mailed Marguerite and asked her if she'd accidentally bought 4 of the same gift.  Or perhaps she'd intentionally purchased four, perhaps for some other kids she knew, and accidentally wrapped all four in Cole's gift bag.  Or maybe she'd asked her husband to wrap the gift and he'd made the mistake.

She wrote back: I don't understand. Four of the same thing?

I tried to explain again but she didn't understand, so I phoned her.
We hashed it out and this is what we surmised must have happened:

The store receives these cute little chef outfits in bundles of 4 and they're supposed to be unwrapped when they're set on the shelf. Marguerite innocently picked up the package and went through the Self Check-Out. She scanned the bundle (well, the top one) and plopped it into her bag and away she went.

Buy one; get three free! 

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