Friday, July 23, 2010

My Little Pez Dispenser

Jack-Jack, of the Incredibles, had a covert superpower, only discovered under the duress of an emergency. You know, the ability to change into a fire ball or a stone or to defy gravity and crawl on the ceiling. Well, under the duress of bedtime, Cole's superpower was also discovered and it has earned him the nickname "Pez Dispenser" or "Pellet Gun".

I gave Cole his milk, brushed his teeth, PJ'ed him up and plunked him into his crib. He protested loudly and then hollered, "Mommy. I poo. I poo on potty!" Not having read any books on toilet-training, but having purchased a potty to begin the process, I didn't want to quash any potty-going inclinations in the babe, so I took him into the bathroom, stripped him down, removed his diaper and plunked him on the potty. He squeezed and grunted and held his breath and then plunk-plunk, produced two fine fecal pellets.

Yay! I sang the "Cole pooped on the potty!" song and wiped his bottom and let him flush the toilet. And then I disinfected the potty, re-diapered the kid and was about to put his PJ's back on when Cole held up his finger authoritatively and said, "One more poop, Mommy."

SO, I undid his diaper, let him sit back down and to my delight, he wasn't lying. He made two more pellets. He stood up to inspect them proudly and then said, "One more!" And lo and behold, he made one more.

We flushed them. And while I was disinfecting the potty bowl, he sat down on the potty. "Wait! Wait!" I cried, "You can't poop on the potty without this bowl!" He sat down and produced three more pellets.

That night, thirty five minutes and fourteen poops after his original bed-time, I was finally able to put to bed a fairly content little boy with a seemingly voided-bowel. I was exhausted but also mildly proud. After all, how many of us can produce a bowel movement at-will fourteen times?
And THAT is Cole's superpower.

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