Friday, November 28, 2008

Blog Fog

I have hit a blogging block. It's a blog fog.
I used to blog about quirky things that happen to me that struck me as funny.
Sometimes other people found these things funny too.

Lately, my life is made up of one to three hour bouts of carrying around a baby, consoling his crying, changing his diaper, feeding him and cleaning up puke. Oh yes, and hours and hours of burping him. Burping is very, very key.

Funny things involve changing his clothes three times in four minutes because of the rapid-repeat puking. Being peed on. The faint cheesy smell that emanates from him after he's puked on himself. But these things are funny in an ironical sense and it is sometimes even hard for me to see the humour in them. On any given day, they can make me both laugh and cry.

The upswings:

I have had two mini glasses of wine (since Valentine's day).
I ate sushi today.
My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man.
I have lots of loving relatives and friends who are willing to help out.
Cole snores and it's cute and he's sleeping when he does it and that is also good.
Everyone says that things are tough now but they get better/easier/more manageable.

Note to my family:
Expect Christmas presents that can all be purchased from the comfort of my computer desk.


Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

Melissa! I remember a recent story you were going to blog, about a father and his daughter and her medicine!

Anonymous said...

and i love mary for remembering this!

the snoring is good ... for SOOOOOOO many reasons :)

don't worry mel ... the fog lifts and silly little funnies, and the ability to turn them into coherent sentences, returns!

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