Saturday, July 24, 2010

Midnight Mishap

Cole wouldn't sleep last night. He was up from midnight to two in the morning. I was trying everything to get him back down. At one point, I decided to try rocking him in the chair in the living room. I had to navigate my way, without glasses, through the obstacle course of toys. I saw the riding truck and tried to veer around it, a tired little boy slumped against one of my shoulders, throwing my balance. I stepped down on what I immediately recognized as Chuck the Truck. Chuck rolled forward and I caught myself on my left knee. Cole didn't even lift his head. I threw my body onto the rocking chair only to find I'd sat on Tickle Me Elmo, who began to laugh demonically. Apparently, when you dislodge him from the crevis between your ass and the cushion and toss him across the room in the dark, his laughter echoes through the entire house.

These are the night-time adventures I never imagined I'd have.

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