Saturday, September 06, 2008

There's Something About Lars

Lars and the Real Girl was recommended to me by my sister. Otherwise, I doubt I would have felt any strong inclination to watch it. Even in Blockbuster, I looked at the pink cover with the guy with the goofy smile on the front and thought, "Do I feel like another silly romantic comedy?"

But Lars and the Real Girl is not a rom com. It's funny. Don't get me wrong. I found myself laughing hysterically at parts. But it was not funny in that overly dramatic, walking into walls, or getting one's private parts stuck in their zippers way. It was funny in a mildly painful, extremely awkward way that I find quite clever, when done properly, in the film business. (The Office is another show that is funny in a very awkward and painful way). Lars is a drama more than a comedy, despite it's high points. And it's poignant and sweet and moving. Even when you read the plot line on the back of the DVD case, you'd never think the story could ever be a serious one. But it is.

Lars is about mental illness. It's about family and tragedy and grief. But mostly it's about community and the goodwill and love of people.

Everyone needs to see it at least once.

1 comment:

Deaner said...

I agree. This is an outstanding film, and now one of my favourites.

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