Monday, September 08, 2008


The Green Party's leader, Elizabeth May, is being denied the opportunity to participate in what is supposed to be a National Debate. Stevie Harper said he doesn't want to come to the party if she's going to be there. And Dion has said that if Stevie doesn't go, he won't go.

I have read all of the arguments. Harper says that her viewpoints are just another Liberal platform and it is, he feels, unfair to have two Liberal candidates in a debate. But in denying her the right to participate, suddenly there is no representative for the Green Party.

The whole idea of excluding a candidate - that the rest of the leaders have actually been given the POWER to manipulate the debate in this way in order to do so - is preposterous. CBC should be brave enough to say, "Oh you really think you won't show up, Stevie? Okay then, don't come! Your loss!" Sure, leaders should have the right to decide whether they will participate in an event such as a debate, but they shouldn't have the right to exclude another significant party leader. As a Canadian with voting powers and the right to be informed about my leaders, I take severe offense! Stevie and Stephane, you can go sulk in the corners if you're so upset about it. But my feeling is, if Ms. May was coming to the debate, you'd suck it up and get your bottoms there any way.

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mao said...

well, democracy rules, in the end.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton could not keep her out of the debate...

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