Friday, September 26, 2008

Let it be known

Take note. The first time I thought about enrolling my future-munchkin in the Kids of Steel Triathlon, I was 33.5 weeks pregnant. I had not even seen if he was going to have hair yet or what size of swim cap the little gaffer was going to need. I just thought, what kid doesn't want to be the fastest? And what Type A mom doesn't want to grab her toddler by the armpits, drag him, coughing and sputtering, through the water, throw him onto a tricycle on which he cannot even reach the pedals, push him with his helmet falling crookedly over his eyes through a crowd of other similarly disoriented children on bicycles and then cheer as he hobbles with stiff, chubby toddler legs across the finish line?
You see, it's all about the children.


delirious said...

Evan is SO going to be a Kid of Steel... hehe.

Anonymous said...

the three of them will race!!!! we can be the new version of the soccer-mom :)

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