Saturday, September 27, 2008

Battle of Wits

Frankie is getting fat again. Really fat.
So I tried to decrease her kibble intake yesterday.
She didn't take it so well.

All evening she screamed at me.
Finally I gave her a bit more kibble.
Still, she went to sleep hungry.

At 4 a.m., unable to sleep, I moved to my study and slept on the futon.
Frankie began to scratch at the door More food, please?

I hissed at her.

Silence. Then more scratching at the door until it opened. Then the click click of little claws tapping on hardwood as she paced the room.
In and out.
In and out.
Click, click, click.

More food, please?

Frankie, go away!

I lifted her onto the bed and tried to smother her between me and the pillow.
She just purred.
Then finally broke free and hopped down.

She jumped up onto my desk chair. Afraid she would walk on my laptop's keyboard, I got up and set her back down on the ground.

More food, please?

Go to sleep.

But it's almost 5 a.m., Melissa.

I pushed her out the door and shut it tight.
I was finally dozing off when I heard the all-too-familiar heaving sound of bowels being spilled in the hallway. This mostly happens around 5 a.m., if she's very hungry.
I squinted as I turned on the hall light and rummaged around in the closet for a paper towel.
She grinned at me smugly, knowing that I'd give her food to not have to risk her vomitting again.

More food, please?

!@#$@# off, Frankie. You win.

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