Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When SHMIDT happens

SHMIDT happens.
Sometimes it’s our fault. Sometimes it’s someone else’s fault.
And in that instant when you realize that you’ve just landed in a wholloping pile of it, you just close your eyes and instantly which you could take back the last minutes and do things ever so differently. You can wish you hadn’t driven that way to work, ‘cause you never go that way anyway. You can wish you had been driving slower. You can wish you’d looked to see if anyone was stopped dead in the middle of the on ramp (instead you may have been looking left to see if any cars were coming). However, they don’t call them accidents for nothing.

And here’s what I’ve realized. The way a person handles SCHMIDT is very telling. The way a person pulls himself together and sorts things out and takes control and stays calm and treats people respectfully and kindly even in the face of chaos, says so much about who he is.

I would MUCH rather have a man who is good at getting himself (and sometimes me) out of SCHMIDT than a man who has never found himself in it.
Because SCHMIDT happens.
And we must be prepared.


Deaner said...

so, which one of you crashed your car?

Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

Yah. Way to leave us in suspense Melissa.

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