Sunday, October 19, 2008

BP's Palace
Borrowing a strawberry-shortcake covered glider from a friend. Mark keeps asking me to re-cover the cushions. Doesn't everyone love strawberry-shortcake?

Overnight bag is sitting on the change table. Mark repainted the dresser in six coats of paint.

Car seat complete with instruction manual.

Diaper genie with touchless motion sensor feature. BP's fancy-shmancy diaper bag.Note to remind myself to feed FC before we leave for the hospital.

Got lots of wash cloths. I've learned that parents need lots...though I'm not 100% sure exactly what for.
Trying out the crib and Mary's quilt.


Anonymous said...

you are so YOU! too funny ... and the lots of washcloths have LOTS of purposes: keeping wee bum-bum dry to prevent diaper rash, cover the wee bits to keep from getting pee in the eye, wiping up the not-so-wee spit-ups and drool and dribbles, using as wipes if you are attempting to be enviro-friendly (more power to you!) ... it's endless MEL!

whibbsy said...

Washcloths come in especially handy when your child projectile poos at the dr's office and you run out of wipes while trying to clean his bum and then dr's carpet! Oh the joys or parenthood!

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