Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today, Amelia is home "sick". This  means she threw up at daycare and they say she can't go back for 24-hours. Luckily, she seems to be feeling better. This is why she was with me when I dropped Cole off at the YMCA before-school program at his school.

Cole's teacher in the YMCA program is named Sahar. I have seen her every day since the beginning of September and nothing about her appearance has seemed particularly note-worthy to me. She does not wear make-up. She does not wear fancy or glamourous clothing. She is a bit older than me. I don't know the colour of her hair - it is always covered with her hijab. One thing about Sahar though, is she is always smiling. And, without fail, she is always very excited about whatever craft she happens to be preparing that day.

Amelia has come with me twice to drop Cole off. The first time, Sahar was preparing a felt ice-cream cone craft. She was so happy to see Amelia. She pinched her cheeks and she ruffled her hair and she gave her the little felt ice-cream cone. Today, Sahar had in her hand a little colourful star made out of Perler beads. She exclaimed with glee when she saw Amelia and she quickly handed her the little star. Amelia beamed.

When we were leaving, as I buckled Amelia into the car, she sighed happily and said to me, "Sahar is so BEAUTIFUL. She always gives me things."
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