Friday, July 28, 2006

Today I shall blog, she said.

I’m tired of waiting for inspiration to hit. This morning I will just sit down and write.

I have not been sleeping well. It’s been about four weeks since I had a sound, fitful sleep. Sometimes I blame it on the fact that the air conditioner automatically turns off every night and I wake up in a panicked, sweaty tangle of sheets and Mark. Sometimes I blame it on the stress. There’s the stress of moving – we’re moving in two days. There’s the stress of the packing and cleaning I haven’t yet done. There’s the stress of the course I’ve been taking and the 32 page research paper that has developed a mind of its own. There’s the stress of planning a vacation on a tight budget.

But hold on!

Am I creating this stress or is it real? That’s what I sometimes wonder. I’ve been told that if there was nothing to worry about, I’d find something. So let me just take a moment to examine the full part of the cup.

I get the summer off. I am done my course – well, if I work hard – by the end of today. We have the keys to our new apartment, so we’ve been able to move things over slowly already. We’ll have a new home in a few days. And moving is always a good chance to re-organize your stuff and purge of the junk. We have no dishes in our cupboards, so the packing can’t be going that bad. And we have apples in our fridge, so we sure won’t starve. The 32 page research paper that developed a mind of its own is done. Amen! And we’re going to New Foundland!

I feel better already.
I’m going to bed!

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