Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About a Name

Cole doesn't have a glamourous meaning.
Some books say it means "cabbage farmer".
Yet, some books do say it means "victory to the people".

And if you look at the meaning of cabbage farmer, it enlightens us to why Colesaw is named as it is, being made primarily of cabbage.

Shortly after announcing Cole's birth, we received an e-mail from Mark's friend Jeff, who shares in his ecclectic taste in music. Jeff asked, "Is Cole going to be a Black Lips singer?" This reference was made, of course, because the lead singer for the Black Lips is named Cole.

So I asked Mark, "Is Cole named after the singer in the Black Lips?"

And he looked at me and said, "I don't know. You suggested the name Cole."

And I frowned and said, "No. You definitely were the first to suggest Cole."

"No, I'm sure I didn't."

And so the story goes - no one knows who named our little boy.


Pat & Ali said...

Perhaps he was named by a VICTORIOUS cabbage farmer!!!

He's sweet... whoever named him!
Ali :)

katevp-a said...

oh he is so sweet, and cole is a fabulous name, and i have only had one patient name their baby Cole in the last year or so, so there won't be 16 Coles in his class.

that's always nice!

Hope you guys are doing well!

Anonymous said...

i think mark named your son ... and he did a damn fine job!

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