Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh the Places he'll go....

Earlier this week, Cole's teacher e-mailed me to say that she and the ECE were nominating Cole for the REACH award this month. Specifically, Cole has demonstrated one of the TRIBES philosophies in an exemplary way - Attentive Listening.

Of course, immediately I nearly spontaneously combusted with pride. And then, as always, I got a bit reflective (and maybe a bit weepy). Every time that boy of mine has reached a milestone, of course I've felt proud. But there are some qualities and skills that, when his mastering of them is affirmed by the greater public and not just by a more than moderately biased mom, give a parent a sense of relief because she associates them with success. When Cole started talking, I thought, "Phewf! A kid has to know how to talk!"  And when he learned his letters and their sounds I again breathed a sigh of relief, "Okay, if he knows the letters, he'll probably figure out how they go together some day. And reading is KEY!" But attentive listening, well that spells success in more than just school, right?

An attentive listener can learn stuff. They can learn because they are aware and because they are processing what is being taught. But they can also learn about people. Attentive listening will serve my son well in relationships. He'll be a better friend and someday a better partner because of this skill. If he keeps this up, he can advance in his career with more ease. Relationships are everywhere. Listening is key! Perhaps the most important skill! (And of course that's not because my son just won an award in it).

I arrived early at the assembly and the teacher chatted with me for a few minutes. She said he is such a joy to have in the class (and I'm sure she doesn't say that about all her students) and she said that although he's quiet, he plays with other kids and he shares his ideas during circle time.
And for a second time, I nearly spontaneously combusted with pride.

I asked Cole to pose for this picture with his certificate. He said he needed to also have the pointy thing he got with his certificate. I said, "The pencil?" He replied, "It's like a pencil except without the part for writing with."


Tiiu said...

Good job Cole! Too cute :D. Also, is it just me, or does the blonde lady on the left look a bit like Virginia? Ha ha!

Mary said...

Congratulations Cole-y! You've worked hard for this!
Auntie Mary

Sheena said...

Great job Cole, keep racking in those awards :)

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