Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chef Me makes Three-Soup-Casserole

My husband was away this evening and so it was left up to me to feed my flock.
When the other half of my team is gone, I always opt for the easy route, and when it comes to food, I like easy as well as nostalgic food.

Here is the Three-Soup-Casserole I grew up on. And tonight my four-year-old (who basically subsists on peanut butter and strawberry yogurt) finished his entire bowl.

Boil some pasta shells. A lot. Like probably three or four cups. Or half a bag. Something like that.
Brown up some ground beef in the bottom of a really big pot.
Drain the pasta and pour it in with the beef.
Open and pour in one can of tomato soup, mushroom soup and cheddar cheese soup.
If you are like me and made too many shells, add an extra can of any of these kinds of soup or add some milk.
Stir it all up together and let it heat through til it bubbles.
If you like, you can then add in some grated cheddar cheese.

It's eat-too-much-every-time kind of good.

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