Monday, February 20, 2012

Most This Amazing Day

What an amazing gift of a day it has been!

Not only does it feel like springtime in February, but the sun is shining and there's a female cardinal in the hibiscus outside my kitchen window. After weeks and weeks and WEEKS of no birds at my bird feeder, they've finally found it again.

My leek seedlings are thriving on the baby's dresser. The cilantro and basil seeds I hid in the spider plant pot in the kitchen have finally risen just when I'd lost hope that they would.

Yesterday, Cole had croup. Scary croup.  The kind that struggles for breath in the night and leaves teensy pin-prick-sized red dots on his face from the effort of coughing. Amelia is teething.  Maybe. Anyway, she was on a sleep strike. 

But this morning, after struggling with the baby from 5am til 6am, I got to return to bed and the land of Nod until 8am.

Later, we piled into the car and drove to the lakeside park. On the way there, Cole pointed out the window at Lake Ontario and exclaimed, "I SEE CLOUDS!" When Mark said, "Yes, I see them too," Cole stated matter-of-factly, "So THAT's where the clouds lives!"

Parking was free downtown 'cause it's a holiday. At Spencer Smith Park, there were kids everywhere. The outdoor skating rink was alive with families and the air smelled like french fries. On the walk from the car to the park, we lost a soother and a mitten. And on the way home we found both.

We built an airplane in the living room using the pillows from the couch.

I went outside and stood hopefully dreaming about the garden. Then I took Amelia for a walk and she kept kicking her boots off.  When I came home and complained to Mark about it, Cole said, "That's because gravity was following you and that's why Amelia's boots kept falling off!"

And Mark bought us hot drinks from Tim Hortons and I realized it's Roll up the Rim season! We didn't win. (Who really wins anything anyway!) But it sure is fun.

Thank you for "most this amazing day"!

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