Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Weight Blues

In my experience, it isn't actually having a baby that makes a momma feel a little portlier than in her past. Because after breast-feeding for a few weeks, the pregnancy pounds really do melt off.

But I'm back up to the weight I was while in my third trimester with Amelia (well, maybe second) and I can't really blame it on her.  I blame it on fatigue and boredom and my compulsion to feed those things with comfort food. (Also allowing myself to wear  nothing but sweatpants doesn't help). Like my pick-me-up of choice, the seemingly benign cafe mocha. How many mornings have I rolled my aching and exhausted body out of bed after a sleepless night motivated by the promise to myself of a sugar-coated caffeine kick at Starbucks? Lots and lots.

Also, when I'm home and finding it tough to get out of the house, I like to bake.  I bake banana bread and chocolate chip muffins and lemon meringue pie. I bake pumpkin bread and muffins too and experiment with adding sweet potato and chickpeas to things to make them healthier and I tell myself it's all good.  But combine all those goodies with a difficulty getting myself back into exercising and it starts to add up.

Last weekend, I went to the gym.  I planned to go to an exercise class.  Something I used to do religiously. In fact, one birthday, I remember making time for my step class as always because it was so much fun that I considered it part of my ideal way to spend a birthday!  Anyway, this weekend when I got there, I bailed on the class.  I think I was nervous.  I was nervous about being so out of shape.  So I got on the treadmill instead. And instead of running, I made an excuse in my mind and walked (on an incline) for not even a half hour.  And I left the gym, not refreshed, but mad at myself.  On the drive home, I rehearsed in my head how I would complain to Mark about how I'm just too fat to run now and I'll have to do other things.  Maybe those running days are behind me.  But I knew he wouldn't buy it.  He'd challenge my excuses. And I knew that he'd be right to.

So when I got home, instead of saying I'd given up on running.  I surprised myself. I sat down at my computer and logged onto the running room's website. I looked up a list of races next August and found one in my home town of Owen Sound.

I took a few days to work up the nerve, but I was spurred on by my long-time running buddy, Nej, who promised to register if I would.

So yesterday, I lit a fire under my arse and I signed up for the Bayshore Owen Sound Half Marathon. I can't even run 2k without needing a walking break. But I am going to take it on faith that doing this will push me to train. After all, who wants to make a fool of themselves by passing out in a ditch at kilometre 10?! And I encourage you all to consider registering too. If for no other reason than it's a beautiful region and a small race. In fact, when I registered yesterday, I was the only registrant. Shortly thereafter, Nej, true to her word, joined me on the confirmed registrant list.

As deep as our friendship runs, Nej did say in all honesty that when the finish line comes in sight, if we're the only two, she's gonna fight me for it. 'Cause she's never come in first before. I'll settle for second to you, Nej! Thanks for helping me get back on the horse!

(This was the 2006 Mississauga Half Marathon - look how happy I seemed to be running 21 kilometres!)


Ben and Maryann said...

I love this photo. And you'll be this happy when you run the half marathon in August too!

Jen said...

we are going to rock each other's socks off! can't wait (more for the hours of chitchat, not the hours of running!)

Melissa Dean said...

I remember being that happy at the finish line too. I'm desperately trying to get back to running too. (Oh how I wish we could go to Step Class together again....). Think of it this way, remember way back in the day and we started running and we were like, "Hey. Let's just run a half-marathon". We did it then, we can do it now (One or Two babies later.)

The other Melissa

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