Thursday, February 09, 2012

Adventures in Underwear

On Tuesday, when I arrived to drop Cole off at daycare, I saw a tied plastic bag on his hook.  This meant that Cole had had an accident on the Thursday before and I had either overlooked this little bag or it hadn't been there. Either way, I shuddered to think of the smell that would greet me when I opened it up.

Regardless, I took the bag home and dumped it into the laundry. And when I finally got around to the laundry yesterday, in went the colourful briefs.

What is worse than being too cheap to throw out the soiled underwear that sat for five days before they got washed? Setting out to fold the clean and dry laundry this morning and discovering that those briefs don't belong to Cole!


katevp-a said...

hee hee. this had me laughing right out loud.

wonder wilks said...

very funny! i had a nice little belly chuckle over this one!

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