Friday, December 09, 2011

It's all about the Game

Cole loves to play Bouncy Ball.  He takes a very bouncy ball and throws it with all his might against his closed bedroom door. It ricochets off and bounces back and hits the bed or the wall or the bedside table or himself in the face.  It's loads of fun.

Today, after the ball had rebounded and hit the bed frame several times in a row, Cole looked at it contemplatively and said to me with a very serious frown, "I think we should move the bed so it's easier to play Bouncy Ball." I was surprised at this suggestion.  It seemed like a lot of trouble for such a short game.  It didn't seem like the easiest way to improve our Bouncy Ball experience.  But one look at Cole's face and I knew he was dead serious.

"Where would we put your bed?" I asked.

He thought only for a moment, "In you and Daddy's room."

"I don't know if there is room for your bed in our room," I said, knowing full well that that was not the number one reason why this would be a bad arrangement.

Cole ran out of the room and returned in a few seconds, "Yup.  There's room!"

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