Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm not sure when the cravings are supposed to hit. Mark's friend Andrew recounts stories of his wife's astonishing late-night cravings. Mark only has one to reciprocate with. I went through a week-long BLT phase, which eventually we had to quash due to a worry about too many nitrites (I was certainly getting my fair share). But I was more famished, FAR more famished, in my first trimester when, if I failed to eat at 45 minute intervals, my stomach threatened to attempt to absorb my other abdominal organs. Now, I feel like normal ... I have a healthy love of desserts and can out eat my husband on any given day of the week.

Mark's friends are offering him advice. Tim, a retired friend who comes back occasionally to supply teach said, "I only have one piece of advice, Mark."

"What is it?" Mark asked.

"Don't EVER piss off a pregnant lady."

Wise, wise man.

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Sue said...

Congratulations! Are you feeling like a Zombie yet? I'm at 5 months and am finally over the morning sickness and constant tiredness. I have an obscene craving for Ice Cream (no pickles with it - thank goodness - cause that's just gross!)Even at 5 months, I'm struggling with clothes - maternity clothes for the most part are too big - normal clothes are too small. The elastic trick in normal clothes worked for a while- gives you a little more room for expanding belly.

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