Friday, July 16, 2010

Naps and Fibs

Cole really fought his nap today. I put him in his crib at 1:30. It was an hour before he finally fell asleep. I tried rubbing his back. I tried giving him books. I tried taking the books away. I tried lying visible in the hallway and reading. Then I tried lying visible in the hallway and napping.

After about fifteen minutes, Cole stood up and yelled through the bars of his crib, "Mommy! I poo! I poo!"

We've been encouraging him to tell us when he's got to go, and we've been putting him on the potty. Knowing full well that I was probably being duped, I felt I had to follow through. I plucked him from his crib and stripped him down and sat him on the potty. His demeanor became instantly a hundred times cheerier. He began to chat away and sing, even. But he was not making any of his pooping faces. I kept asking if he was all done. He kept saying no.

Finally, I wrestled him back into his diaper and clothes and returned him to his crib despite his protests.

Minutes later, he was hollering, "Mommy! I poo! I poo!"

I laid on the hardwood floor squinting through the dim light at my novel and tried to make out the words. Mark came up the stairs and looked at me questioningly. Cole continued, "I POO! I POO!"
I whispered to Mark, "He's lying. He already played me."
Mark shrugged and went back down stairs.

Eventually the kid did fall asleep.
An hour and a half later, when he woke up, he had a tail-like protrustion in his diaper. All I could say was, "Sorry bud. I guess you did poo."

As I write this, he is fighting bed time and I can hear him saying "I poop" and oddly enough, I don't believe him this time either.

Turns out he wasn't lying that time either.

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