Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Baby Poops
(This goes out to my friends Whibbsy, Nej and Dach and all other parents of younguns, but especially Nej and Dach who have had their fair share of poop adventures).

This is the kind of blog that forms itself over the course of an entire year for a new parent, on many occasions. I hope I don't leave anything out. If you don't appreciate this blog, count yourself lucky.

The Best Baby Poops....

...don't happen at night
...happen more frequently than every four days
...happen when you have a wipes
...leave no telling orange stain on the back of a onesie
...don't catapult towards the bedroom wall/door
...don't accidentally get on your knuckle and you don't it realize right away
...don't happen on an airplane
...require no suppository to assist in their deliverance
...don't happen in the bath tub


Anonymous said...

at least mark now understands about "poop up the back"

Amelia said...

too funny, Melissa.

ahh, poop on the knuckles.

good times.

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