Saturday, September 05, 2009

Define Tired

We have some family visiting us here during the long weekend. They flew in late last night and yet, when I got up with Cole pre-dawn, they got up too, so excited they were to gush over him and rain love and attention on him. It's very cute. But, 10 year olds and 13 years olds are growing beings and need their sleep, sometimes more than they realize. As the morning wore on, it became an ongoing debate (dare I say, argument?), between the grandparents and the youngsters. "You're just tired. You should go back to bed," a grandparent would gently suggest. "I'm NOT tired," would always be the adamant reply, along with constant refusals to return to bed. This theme continued all morning with comments like, "I am an EARLY riser," and, "No, I don't usually sleep in," and, "I don't feel sleepy at all! I got enough Zzzzz's." I was baffled. I'd forgotten the presumed dishonour in a youngster's eyes attributed to admitting tiredness.

How would this conversation go amongst thirty-something parents? (My currently-growing circle of friends).

"You're just tired....."

"Beat! Wiped! Tuckered to da bone."

"You should go back to bed."


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