Monday, June 22, 2009

Cole and Mom's Road Trip

We stopped at a truck stop then ate the park. Mom let Cole eat a paper bag so she had time to have her lunch.

Then we played on the grass.

Cole got to meet Aunt Mary's neices and nephew. Here are Carys and Delyth.

Aunt Mary's new house with her new baby: Frisbee.

Aunt Mary, Marie and her little Robert.

The Schwarma guy.
He loved to walk Cole around the store, sing Lebanese songs and dance. He even asked Cole to give him five, and was shocked when Cole did!

Aunt Mary was so helpful! She changed diapers and fed the little Cole-man.

After Ottawa, Cole and Mom met Uncle Jay at Grandpa Dave's place. And Uncle Jay kept Cole happy for a long time.

Symbiotic Mutualism: Cody gets some lovin' and Cole gets his face cleaned.

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