Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 Months Old

Here is a wee update on our little Cole-man. Every day is he more and more like a little man and less and less like our gummy little baby. Over the past three weeks, he broke all four of his front teeth. He spent a lot of quality time with his dad and Grandpa Mike who treated him to plenty of walks and frolicks on the lawn.

Cole can quite effectively belly-crawl from one room to another. He reaches for electrical sockets, so we've plugged them up. He can move fast enough around the kitchen so I've had to put a baby gate at the step-down to the back door stoop. As if moving horizontally is not enough, he's a climber. He reaches up for chairs and his exersaucer and cupboards and his crib rail. He can pull his body up to a standing position or, if not, he hangs precariously dangling until one arm gives in and he falls on his head.

It is indeed a fun, somewhat sleepless and bumpy time in our lives.

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