Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Difficulty with Pooing

There once was a little girl - we'll call her Gabby - who had difficulty pooing. She had such difficulty, in fact, that the paediatrician prescribed her some medicine to "assist" her in "voiding" the contents of her bowel, no matter what her psyche tells her.

The doctor said to Gabby's mom and dad, give her a teaspoon of this medicine every day.

The intention was that Gabby's dad would give Gabby a teaspoon of her medicine in the morning with her breakfast. But sometimes Gabby's dad would forget and Gabby's mom would give her her medicine later in the day.

The medicine seemed to work for a little while and then Gabby seemed to have trouble again.

So back to the paediatrician the family went and the doctor said, "Okay. Up the dosage. Two teaspoons of medicine a day."

Well, the kindergarten teacher phoned Gabby's mom on two consecutive days saying that Gabby had had a kind of explosive poop, twice in the day, and had required assistance with the bum-wiping and clean-up (not in the kindergarten teacher's job description, which made Gabby's mom feel very badly).

Gabby's mom decided that she had no choice but to keep Gabby from kindergarten until they figured the whole thing out. She deliberated and deliberated about the explosions of poop with her husband. She said to him, over dinner one night, "I just don't know what to do? We can't send her to school with this problem. I mean, maybe the two teaspoons was just too much for her?"

Gabby's dad looked up from his food, "Two TEASPOONS?"


Anonymous said...

thank you ... but i feel it is unfair that Dhac wasn't mentioned as the culprit :)

Anonymous said...

You did good Melissa - at no time did i feel like you were talking about me. Despite what the other 'comment' says...

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