Thursday, August 14, 2008

No More Bedtime Movies

Mark and I can no longer watch movies in bed. Well, we can't watch any DVD's in bed, that is. You see, someone has gone and misplaced the remote controller for our television/DVD machine. We can still use the satellite remote for regular tv watching, but the DVD player is inoperable without our old remote and it is MIA.

Mark is adamant that it was me who lost it. I swear I haven't been allowed to put my hands on a remote in one year and seventeen days. How could it have been me who lost it?

Regardless of the blame, we searched our bedroom high and low. We looked under bedside tables and the far recesses of under our bed. We even looked between the mattress and the box spring. We looked in our dresser drawers and between books and DVDs. We have searched everywhere. We looked in all the other rooms where other remotes live, thinking, maybe one of us had gotten up and walked out of the room with it in their hand. But we have had no success. The darn thing has completely disappeared. And so, for the past few months, we have been in this confusing and inconvenient predicament. And occasionally I will have the bright idea to rent a DVD and cozy up in our bedroom for the evening... until I remember, we are at the mercy of our missing controller.

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