Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The difference between Men and Women

Mark and I went to a prenatal ultrasound yesterday and discovered that our baby will be (or is) a boy! Telling all our family and friends was nearly as fun as telling them we were pregnant in the first place.

I e-mailed my sister right away. She then phoned her husband, Ben to tell him the news. He was appropriately excited and said to tell us Congratulations on her behalf. Then, just before hanging up, he said, "I'm SO excited about the....chicken."

Mary had plans to make chicken for dinner. Ben was very excited about it.

Mary was not expecting him to say chicken. She was expecting him to say "I'm so excited about the baby boy!" She said it shocked her to hear the word "chicken". I guess sometimes men and women think differently.

Then they decided they'd nickname our unborn child Chicken.


Deaner said...

so, Tiberius Thor it is, then? :)

Anonymous said...

buk buk buk..

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