Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventures in Sunday School

My sister wrote these little anecdotes in an e-mail to me. Rhys is her nephew.

I was a helper in Sunday school yesterday - I haven't done Sunday school in about a year so it was really fun to be there. Rhys was extra entertaining to me... the kids started out by going around the circle and saying their names and something they liked about God. Rhys said he likes that God makes circles. Apparently that morning when the family had been driving to church Rhys pointed at some circle-type shapes in the clouds and asked if God made those circles, so Jon said yes, he had.

At the end of the morning they all decided to play telephone and it was Rhys' first time and at first he was very confused and couldn't quite understand what people were trying to whisper to him. Then, once he figured it out, the whisper would come to him and he would yell it out because he was so excited that he understood what was being said. The other kids kept going, "Ah, Rheeeee-eeees" because he kept breaking up the telephone. Finally, they just put him at the end so that it was okay for him to yell out the word.

Also, at one point the kids drew pictures of ways that we can worship God and then they stuck them all up on the wall. Rhys was drawing a picture that was really just scribbles so I decided to ask him about a way we can worship God. He said, "Some people worship God in Spanish!" And then he got really excited and loud and yelled to Sara across the room, "Some people worship God in Spanish, Sara!"

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