Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Evolution of the Slumber Party

I am now in my twentieth year of slumber partying. Wow, I can’t believe it even as I type it. There was a hiatus somewhere in my twenties when I incorrectly believed that my days of slumber-partying were past, but now my girlfriends and I have rekindled the tradition.

Some things about slumber parties remain the same:

a) talking about sex
b) phoning boys
c) gossip
d) far too much food
f) little sleep
g) the naked pillow fights

Some things about slumber parties have changed:

a) We used to talk about frilly underwear; now we talk about maternity underwear

b) We used to not drink because we weren’t allowed to buy it; Now we're back to not drinking because 20% of us are pregnant (that we know of, anyhow)

c) We used to dare each other to phone boys and harass them; Now everyone is willing to make that phone call

d) We used to compare our abilities to do the splits, cartwheel across the living room and replicate “the lift” from Dirty Dancing; Now you’re lucky if we move from the living room couch.

Yes, we’re older. We’re wiser. We’re bolder. And sometimes we just have to escape to an estrogeny oasis of relaxation, indulgence and cabbage patch kid cakes.

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