Friday, October 19, 2007

Conan, they’re talking about you

Naming an unborn child becomes a whole new adventure when there’s a three year old who wants to have a say. Also, when said three-year old is being manipulated by other adults.

Abby is going to be a big sister. Someone told her Bob would make a good name for a little boy. Someone else (I won’t say who), said Nangina would make a good name for a little girl. Abby thinks Ava would make a good name for a girl because her cousin’s name is Ava (or maybe it’s the baby of a friend – I can’t keep all these things straight) and everyone is always saying baby-Ava, so it’s more like a reflex….You say “Baby”, I say “Ava”….

Then there’s Abby’s babysitter, Claire, who decided to teach Abby that a good name for a little boy would be Conan. And that STUCK!

“Is the baby going to be a boy or a girl, Abby?”


“And what will its name be, Abby?”

“Baby Ava”

“What if it’s a boy, Abby?”

Puzzled stare.

“It might be not a girl, Abby. What will the baby’s name be if it’s a boy?”

Pause then “Conan!”

Well, yesterday the speculation ended with Jen’s ultrasound. Abby is going to have a little brother. Jen thinks it’s the Universe’s way of aiming to make her feel like a rookie again. I think the Universe has more important motives than vengeance. Anyway, Jen and Chad told Abby that the baby was going to be a boy.

To which Abby replied, “But maybe it’s a girl?”

“Well, no Abby, we’re pretty sure it’s a boy.”

So Abby replied, “Conan!” (She’s been well trained).

So Jen and Chad came up with a plan. “You see, Abby. The special thing about babies is that they have one name when they’re inside Mummy and then when they come OUT they get another name! So we can call him Conan while he’s in Mummy’s tummy but we’ll give him a new name after he comes out.”

And without missing a beat, she says, “BOB!”

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