Friday, March 29, 2013

Mososaur and the Meteor

Cole has read a lot of books about dinosaurs. (Which means we have also read a lot of books about dinosaurs). And he remembers a surprising number of facts and regurgitates them randomly throughout the day. Sometimes when he says dinosaur facts, he's remembering. Sometimes he's inventing.

This afternoon, as Amelia napped, Cole and I were sitting in the living room in a sunbeam and I was cutting out fabric for Steggie the dinosaur and he was drawing a picture using only a red marker. He said it was a mososaur. I remembered reading a book with a very ferocious picture of a mososaur in it. They lived in the water and had a long toothy jaw.

Cole said, "Mososaurs are really fast."

Then he added, "Mososaurs are the fiercest hunters in the sea."

"Oh yeah? What do they eat, honey?"

He thought for a moment, holding the marker upright, staring at the ceiling. Then he said, "Tree bark."

"Tree bark?"


"How do they get to the trees?"

"No, they don't eat tree bark," he decided, "They eat seaweed."

"Alright." Doubtful.

Then he added, "When the meteor that killed the dinosaurs hit the earth, the mososaurs didn't even die!"  I contemplated this, somewhat impressed with my son's keen recollection if, in fact, this was actually true.

I was still trying to remember if mososaurs lived on after the dinosaurs were extinct (based entirely on the last forty seven dinosaur books we'd read together in the past year) when Cole added, "If a meteor hits our house, Mom...." (he'd thought about this, I guess), "you have to run upstairs and get Amelia very fast and then we have to get to the ground."

"I will," I reassured him.
It's always good to have a plan for these sorts of things. It makes us all feel better.

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