Friday, June 15, 2012

A Father's Day Tale

My friend told me this memory she has of when her two sons were younger and it said everything, to me, about what being a father is.

Imagine a long car ride up to the family cottage. The two boys in the back seat are a year apart in age. They're old enough to like snacking on sunflower seeds. But they're young enough to not have the dexterity to crack the shells and free the seed inside. They sit with a bag of salted sunflower seeds between then. A small hand digs into the bag, one at a time, and pops a sunflower seed into a little mouth. Each little boy sucks the salt off, then fishes the soggy sunflower seed out of his mouth and reaches forward. The dad reaches behind his seat and retrieves the wet sunflower seed, puts it in his own mouth and cracks the shell with his teeth.  He then passes back to the boy the seed inside so they can enjoy it.

Gross, you say?
Love, I say.

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