Monday, June 11, 2012

New word on PAPs

I went for a physical a few weeks ago.
I have a young, modern doctor who seems barely as old as I am and I was feeling a bit embarrased about climbing up into the stirrups so I could renew my birth control prescription.

The doctor came in and we discussed my answers on a survey he'd given me. We talked about bloodwork and measured some of my moles and then he left the room so I could get undressed for my Pap.  I climbed up onto the vinyl bench and put my feet into the stirrups like a good girl, well aware of the transluscent paper towel sheet shielding my privates from the rest of the world. He returned with his medical assistant.

And as he was preparing the equipment and putting on his gloves, he stated rather matter-of-factly that current research seems to suggest that Pap smears are not actually required every year, but rather can be done every three years or so.

I looked at him and exclaimed, "You couldn't have told me that five minutes ago?!"


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