Friday, May 11, 2012

Someday I'm going to Tell this Story at your Wedding - Toothbrushing Milestone

This evening I realized that Cole is only currently in the habit of having his teeth brushed twice a day - mornings and evenings.  And it occurred to me that in order to raise a responsible young man, I needed to introduce the next step in his tooth-brushing career.

"Cole, guess when grown-ups brush their teeth?"


"Mornings and night times like you, but also after we eat. Like after lunch."


"Yup.  So from now on, if you're at home after you eat lunch, you're going to come upstairs, take your toothbrush and brush your teeth... all by yourself!" (The goal here was to introduce a new habit, not exactly immaculate oral hygiene).

"By myself?" he looked at me dubiously.

"Yes, isn't that exciting!? You're big enough now to brush your teeth once a day by yourself!"

He frowned at me a moment later, then his face lit up, "NOW I can have a dog!?"

Someday I'm going to Tell this Story at your Wedding, Son.
*This is my Friday feature. It's a silly story about something my kids have said or done (and there really are an abundance of them). I'd love for you to Link up and share your silly stories. The kind you'll enjoy sharing at their weddings some day.*

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