Monday, May 07, 2012

The Mommies and the Daddies

I was reading Cole a Robert Munsch book tonight and I came upon a picture of a little boy, Andrew, with his mummy and daddy kneeling next to him, asking him if he had to go pee.

I suddenly saw an opportunity to learn a bit about how children develop schemas about gender roles. So I asked, "Which one is Andrew's mummy?"

Cole laughed at my silly question and pointed to Andrew's mummy.

"And how do you know that one is the mummy?" I asked.

He thought for a moment then said, "Because her has a necklace. Mummies have necklaces."

"But I don't have a necklace, Cole.  How do you know I'm a mummy if I don't have a necklace."

This made him laugh out loud, "Because your NAME is Mummy!"

1 comment:

J said...

Duh ... obviously! Haha ... Cole is hilarious :)

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