Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mommy Olympics: Event - Runny Eggs Race

I had just dropped Cole off at daycare and returned home with Amelia. It was time to make my breakfast and as I waited for the water to come to a boil so I could start the timer for my eggs, I saw Amelia squat and go silent.  This stance is unmistakable and the smell is undeniable.

She's been having diaper rash issues, so I had to act fast.  No waiting around for my eggs to be done.  But this caused a dilemna because, truly one of my favourite things in the world is a perfectly cooked boiled egg.  The whites firm but a runny yolk.  I almost always over-cook them. But on the rare occasion that my egg IS perfectly cooked, it is one of my life's simple pleasures.

So I made a game-time decision.  I set the timer for the requisite four minutes, scooped up Amelia and raced upstairs, not knowing how long I take to change a diaper but knowing that I come from very efficient roots (even facing a five-sheeter morning poop). 

Well, it ended up being  SIX sheeter and I'll have you know I didn't cut corners, but I STILL had two more minutes left on the clock when I came back downstairs to the kitchen!  BOOO-YAH!

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