Monday, November 03, 2008


There was a United Way silent auction through work. I bid on a few items, such as a board game called GRAYMATTER. Mark loves trivia and I got it for only $7.00. Considering that is all going to worthwhile causes, it's money well spent.

Some of the silent auction items were donated by folks, including the United Way rep, Shane, our very own Big-Lebowski-look-alike, whom I happen to know owns his own "junk" store (his words, not mine). It got me wondering why this nearly-new-looking game, Graymatter, was in the silent auction at all. Wouldn't it be snatched up in minutes from the shelves of the store? Perhaps it was just one of those gems that he was generously offering, or perhaps there was some unforeseen flaw.

Well, I haven't played the game yet, but it has been sitting on my coffee table for a week or so and I began to read the writing on the box and.....I think I found the flaw.

The slogans.

The catchy little phrases on the side of the board game box are supposed to intrigue and attract a player, right? Well, Graymatter has some the worst slogans I have ever read on a board game.

Here are the two slogans:

Graymatter..... Everyone's got it!


Graymatter.... It'll get you saying, Hmmmmmm.....I didn't know that!

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