Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Oct 30th, 2008

Dear BP,

It is __ days before you were born and I am excited because I am going to carve the pumpkin tonight. I am excited to express my creative side and your dad is excited to eat roasted pumpkin seeds. Your dad and I have already discussed the kinds of costumes we will dress you up in when you are a kid. You should be happy to know that your dad is very adamant that we not embarrass you. However, you will be disheartened to know that I am determined to embarrass you despite what Dad thinks. I feel it is a necessary rite of passage and the pictures from your first Halloweens when the embarrassment is sure to be most intense because your input will be minimal are the ones that make the best slideshow pictures at weddings.

It is a very healthy thing to learn to laugh at yourself. We all need to learn to do that. Halloween is just the beginning, kiddo.

One more day of work for me. The doc says that only 10% of babies arrive after their due date. I can't imagine that's right, however, she IS in the business of delivering babies. She ought to know. Here are your possible estimated times of arrival according to the family:

Nov. 4th (Great Uncle Rod predicts you'll arrive on his birthday)
Nov. 5th (Porpor Alice gave birth to me a week early, so she says this is the day)
Nov. 6th (Nanna Maggie's prediction)
Nov. 7th (Daddy's birthday is on Nov. 21st and a third of 21 is 7 and somehow that makes sense to us so here is our pick)
Nov. 9th (Uncle Ben and Hailey)
Nov. 10th (Aunt Mary)
Nov. 11th (Uncle Jay, Connor, Grandpa Dave and Aunt Andrea)
Nov. 12th (your due date, therefore, the doc's prediction as well as Aunt Michelle's, Great Uncle Kevin's and Kokum Carmen's predictions)
Nov. 13th (Papa Larry's prediction)
Nov. 15th (Great Aunt Liz's prediction)
Nov. 16th (Hilary's prediction)
Nov. 17th (Great Aunt Jo and Aunt Mary Elaine's prediction)
Nov. 19th (Aunt Sheena's prediction)
Nov. 21st (Daddy's birthday and it's his day so you'd better come before then!)

Who are you going to prove right?


p.s. Frankie keeps wandering into your room and looking around and asking us why the big transformation.

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Anonymous said...

i may not be family but i get a guess ... november 18 ... :) BUT i hope i'm wrong!

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