Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mini Update

Cole is 13 and a half months. Today we went to the walk-in clinic because he's got an eye infection. Apparently he is now 28 pounds. What a whopper!

He had his first haircut yesterday. I know that a lot of parents take their kids to Sharkeys and the kids sit in the Batmobile or the Barbie Convertible and they get a certificate that says My First Haircut and they get a picture e-mailed to the grandparents. I just chased Cole around the living room taking one snip off at a time and aiming to not poke his eyes or snip his ears. Lets face it, he hasn't got a lot of hair. The entire ordeal was about seven snips. Just taking off the shaggy locks and leaving the stuff that keeps him from being certifiably bald.

And Cole has a few new tricks now too. Yesterday, I was watering the plants. A half hour later, I looked over and he had picked up the empty watering can and was also watering the plants. For breakfast, he had a banana muffin. I had to microwave it to thaw it and it came out of the microwave piping hot. So I was blowing on it. When it was finally cool enough to give to him, he picked up a piece, examined it closely and blew on it before popping it into his mouth. Any and everything has become a hockey stick. Rakes, shovels, chopsticks all make great hockey sticks. And yesterday, Cole learned to kick things around the room. She shuffled behind a small box kicking it forward by tiny increments and laughing heartily. Then he did the same with his toy truck.
Cole will also retrieve things from under couches if so inclined.

He signs "more" when he wants cookies or crackers. He signs "brush your teeth". Those are the only ones he does consistently. He signed "sleep" just before the nap he is now taking. He can clap his hands, but he still only waves occasionally. And when he wants you to read to him, he will take a book, turn his back to you and back onto your lap. Actual words consist of "Ma-ma", "Da-da", "Na-na" for banana, "uh-oh" for any and everything and "" for dog, woof woof, we think.

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Anonymous said...

don't feel bad about the haircut .. we only started paying for abby to get her haircut when she got enlisted to be someone's flower girl ... and noah still gets sneak attacks with the scissors at home ... i recommend sitting him on your lap and letting him bang on the computer while you do it :)

and he might weigh as much as noah now ... are the clothes i'm giving you even fitting cole?

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