Saturday, November 01, 2008


C-dawg came over to give out chips with me for Halloween. And we watched Shaun of the Dead. I own the movie but I'd forgotten how genius it is.

Surprisingly, we didn't have many trick-or-treaters at the door. The first wave arrived, a group of four and a group of three youngsters. I brought the box of chips to the door in one hand and served them out with my other. I decided to give out two bags per child since it was already late in the evening and I wasn't anticipating a good showing. One little girl looked up at me with wide eyes and exclaimed "TWO?!!"
"Yes," I said, "Is that alright?"
She nodded vigorously.

I was marvelling and laughing with Carolyn at how the really tiny kids just say whatever crosses their minds.

Then we looked down at the open box of chips and noticed something strange amidst the yellow chip bags.....a Kinder Egg....SURPRISE!

"Does Life brand make Kinder eggs?" I asked, wondering about a factory mix-up. Carolyn thought no.

"Did a kid slip us that egg?" I asked.

"But I don't think any kid got their hands in the box at all?" Carolyn puzzled with me.

We shrugged and laughed and eagerly opened the next box just to see if we'd find something hidden in it as well. We just found chips.

Then another wave of teensy trick-or-treaters arrived. I took the first box of chips to the door again and began dishing out the chips. Then one straggling zebra came running up the walkway behind her friends. I handed her a bag of chips and reached to give her the second bag when she saw the Kinder Egg.

"Egg!" she said.

"Uh" I wasn't sure what she was talking about. I pushed the second bag of chips into her tightly clutched halloween loot bag, expecting the same overflooding of gratitude that the little monster from before had shown.

"Egg! Egg! I want the egg," she pointed into the box at the Kinder Surprise and furrowed her brow. I panicked. All the other trick-or-treaters were waiting and I was afraid if I gave her the egg, they'd all want an egg. I just wasn't equipped.

"Uh sorry....." I thought quickly, looking back at my friend behind me, "The egg is for Carolyn."

And I shut the door.

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Anonymous said...

Carolyn appreciates the egg! It even surprised me again this morning when i looked into the chip box!!!!

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